Meeting Minutes



August 18, 2022




· July 21st Meeting Minutes – Meeting minutes reviewed and approved; Frank Berger made the motion to accept the minutes and Dave Latorre 2nd the motion. Accepted by all


· Financial Report (Swank) – Reviewed income, expenses and balances. Frank Berger made motion to accept and Dave Latorre 2nd the motion. Accepted by all


· ALHD Breakfast-All to report there at 7am on Sunday, September 4th

a) -All rental expenses paid. Expecting $50 deposit for clean-up to be refunded following event

b) -Prices for breakfast $9/adult and $4/children

c) -Crews are set

d) -Carol reported that all food was ordered and will be delivered on the 1st.

*Send Thank you note to Nate and Missy Richards/Roaring Creek Egg Farm to acknowledge egg donation

e) -Frank to check with Ed prior to breakfast about locks on cabinets so we have no issues morning of our breakfast

f) -Booklet ad-well done-bar code added for easy access to our website




· New Secretary

Carol Swank made a motion to accept Jodi Berry as the new secretary, Megan Yeager 2nd the motion. Accepted by all

*A very big Thank you to Michelle Fetterolf for all her work as secretary and everything she did for our organization.


· Business listings on Map and Website-When we create the map there is a limitation on the number of spaces. The more businesses, the smaller the print so each business can only be under one category. If a business falls under more than one category, we will allow business to decide which category they will be listed under. For our website we do not have the same limitations so businesses can be listed under multiple categories





· 49 members on drive to date. Three new members: Ace of Games and Spices Inc. and The Toy Factory. We will wrap up the membership drive by end of August.

Susan Brouse will send an e-mail reminder to those businesses who have not renewed yet.

New maps will be ready in the fall

FBLA Update

· Dave to contact Carissa at Southern for the new school year.




· Dave Latorre made a motion to adjourn the meeting, 2nd by Frank


Respectfully Submitted,

Jodi Berry

Secretary - RTBA