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Meeting Minutes



October 19, 2023

Old Business


• September 21st meeting minutes-Meeting minutes reviewed and approved. Meg made the motion and Dave 2nd the motion. Accepted by all


• Financial Report-Carole reviewed transaction. All balances totaling $15,964.90. Dave motioned to accept, Jodi 2nd motion. Accepted by all


• Membership Drive *Total count for 2024 members is 59 as of 9/21/23 *October 16 was deadline. We agreed to hold out for remainder of week for any new memberships


• Map Listing *Carole updated several corrections on map *Cost is 1000 for $614.00 -Carole recommended we keep this number. All agreed. Jodi motioned to order the 1000 maps, Carole 2nd motion. Accepted by all.


• Roaring Creek Egg trays-our trays were missing. It is believed another group returned them after AHD. Dave to check with Missy


New Business


• Thank you from Transfiguration Church


• Website renewal-cost is $203.52. Dave motioned to reimburse Frank Bebenek, Jodi 2nd motion. Accepted by all.


• Santa’s Mailbox *Candace Treshock from M&T Bank has agreed to answer all the letters again this year *Jodi to tell Candace to get any supplies she needs and we will reimburse the expense


• Christmas Tree Pickup *Pick-up will be on January 6th which is the first Saturday in January *Rain/snow date will be January 13th * We need additional volunteers if anyone is interested. *Dave to check with Vought’s and the police for support on that day


• Food Pantry Donations-Discussion on food bank donations was held. Most donations were sent in with membership renewals. There was 134 families and 355 individuals that were served from Elysburg Food Bank. Last year we donated $1000 to both Elysburg and Catawissa. Dave motioned we donate $1000 to each Elysburg and Catawissa, Carole 2nd motion. Accepted by all


Committee Reports *FBLA-Dave to reach out to Dave Fegley and Clarissa Long for updates


Jodi made motion to adjourn, Meg 2nd the motion. Accepted by all. Next meeting 11/16/23 8am


Respectively Submitted

Jodi Berry


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