Meeting Minutes


October 15, 2020 meeting minutes


The meeting was held via Zoom, and opened with the roll call of officers and members joining the meeting.


The financial report was presented by Carole Swank, treasurer, and approved on a motion

by Blair Faust, seconded by Dave Latorre.


The September meeting minutes were approved on a motion by Dave Latorre, seconded by Frank Berger.


Frank Berger reported the maps have arrived and can be obtained by contacting Frank Berger by e-mail.


Michelle Bower is recommending enhancements to the RTBA webpage and Facebook; she will be working with Frank Bebenek regarding the enhancements she proposes.


Donations to the Elysburg Food Pantry and the Oak Grove Food Pantry for Thanksgiving distribution were approved in the amount of $500.00 each in a motion by Frank Berger, seconded by Carole Swank. The question was raised as to whether Boyer’s would be matching donations again this year; Dave Latorre will contact management regarding same.


Frank Berger has been in contact with the township supervisors about moving “Santa’s mailbox” and possibly some of the cutouts to the location near the community Christmas tree in front of the maintenance building. The decision will be announced at the November meeting. As an alternative, John Yoder offered the front area of the Service First Bank facility. Also, Frank will contact Melissa Snarski, Pres. of the All Home Days Association as to whether she will be answering children’s letters to Santa again this year.


The annual Christmas Tree pick-up is scheduled for January 9, 2021. Discussion was held concerning if RTBA should do the tree pick-ups due to Cov-19 concerns. No decision made.


A volunteer is needed to replace Susan Adams as Membership Chairperson as she no longer can function as such due to her increased business demands.


Carole Swank will prepare a calendar of meeting dates for 2021. subject to review.


No FBLA monthly awards to date. Dave Latorre will contact the advisor to see if a first quarter award winner will be chosen.


Frank Berger will review the Scholarship criteria regarding how this year’s award would be determined .

As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned by unanimous decision.


Carole Swank, acting secretary.


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