Meeting Minutes


February 20, 2020


The meeting opened with the Salute to the Flag of the United States of America; followed through in short form due to a lack of quorum.




Financial Report reviewed, provided by Carole Swank, Treasurer.  We continue to receive donations for the Christmas Tree pick up, Membership Dues and Food Pantry.  There were no checks issued during this past reporting period.

Refer to handouts for detailed financial breakdown and information.


Dave Latorre, Vice President, made a motion to accept the financial report, Frank Berger, 2nd the motion.




January 16th Meeting Minutes – Reviewed and approved January’s meeting minutes. 


Food Pantry:

  • Easter Donations – Tabled until the March 2020 Meeting.  At this meeting, we will review current financials and determine an amount to be donated for Easter meals to the needy.

  • Thank You Notes – Dave Latorre was provided a list of those who donated for the Food Pantry thus far; he will be preparing and sending Thank You notes to those who donated.  This will be ongoing for as long as donations continue to be received from the community and members.


Meeting Location(s) – The next meeting, in March, will be held at Profile Coffee.  We will continue to patron local businesses, quarterly, for the Ralpho Township Association’s meetings.  Frank Berger will be contacting Profile Coffee to ensure accommodations for the meeting.


Donations – The RTBA has given their annual donations to the Library and Fire Department(s), Ralpho and Elysburg.  The library donation will specify that this year, it is a Memorial Donation, in memory of past RTBA members.




Maps – Maps continue to be available to have to display or disburse in your local businesses.  If you are in need of maps, please contact Frank Berger to arrange delivery, or they can be picked up at Berger’s Trinity Peace on Market Street in Elysburg.



Membership – We are preparing for our 2nd mailing.  Focus will be on existing members and select prospects.  Mailings and/or telephone contact will occur in early March, if we have not received membership renewal thus far.


Scholarship Criteria – Has been updated and new criteria sent to all local, eligible schools for anticipated applications this spring.  Application deadline is March 17, 2020 for anyone eligible.  The RTBA will pick up the applications/essays at the local schools on March 17, 2020.  Essays will be reviewed, and a committee established at our next meeting on March 19, 2020.

The RTBA has been sponsoring this scholarship since 1997.  We are hoping for increased participation this year as we have expanded eligibility and increased education around the scholarship offering.


FBLA – No current updates.




A motion to adjourn was made by Frank Berger, 2nd Michelle Fetterolf.

NEXT MEETING: March 19, 2020 @ Profile Coffee


Respectfully Submitted,

Michelle Fetterolf


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