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Meeting Minutes



March 21,2024


Old Business


• February 15th meeting minutes-Meeting minutes reviewed and approved Frank made the motion and Jodi 2nd the motion. Accepted by all. • Financial Report-Carole reviewed transaction. Frank motioned to accept, Jodi 2nd motion. Accepted by all.

• Map Distribution-The maps are now available to distribute. The color this year is blue. If anyone wants maps, please email, call or stop in to see Frank.

• Scholarship Review-The scholarship committee will assess all the applications. Dave will coordinate a time for this meeting.


New Business


• Easter Egg Hunt- We received a letter from the Ryan’s asking for support for the Easter Egg Hunt. Carol motioned that we donate $50.00, Frank second the motion. Accepted by all. Carol to send a check.

• Yard Sale- May 18th Three signs will be posted. Frank will give information to the News Item and Press Enterprise for publication to public. Committee Reports

• Scholarship-Committee to review the essays

• FBLA- Nothing to report.


Frank made motion to adjourn, Jodi 2nd the motion. Accepted by all.


Next meeting 4/20/2024 8am

Respectively Submitted

Jodi Berry Secretary

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