Meeting Minutes


August 19, 2021, meeting minutes

The meeting was opened via Zoom; the financial report given by Carole Swank was approved by motion of Frank Berger, seconded by Sue Brouse.


The minutes of the July meeting were reviewed and a correction was made to the fee paid to All Home Days Association for use of the kitchen Sept. 5th to $75.00 ; the amended minutes were then approved by motion of Carole Swank, seconded by Sue Brouse.


A short discussion was held concerning how to list businesses which have multiple facets on the printed maps. The discussion was to continue to list a business one time on the map per membership fee paid or to list them several times to cover their businesses. We have always provided one listing on the printed map per membership paid. Prior to next year’s printing businesses with multi services will be asked if there is a particular category on the map that they would like their business listed. We will continue to discuss and fine tune this product at future meetings. This year’s maps will be printed on light blue paper stock with a printing count of 1,000. To help in the distribution, a new map will be mailed to association members with information on how to get more to give to their customers. Sue Brouse will print the mailing labels. To aid the discussion, Frank will ask the printer as to how many lines are available for member listings, so we have an idea how much space is available to print listing.


Sue reported the kitchen now has a lock box for the key to access the kitchen and dining area. The Sept. 5th breakfast crew is complete and as noted in the July minutes, the adult price will increase to $8. The booklet being printed by AHD shows the old price of $7.


A reminder to members about donating excess garden produce to the Food Pantry was made. Donations can be made Thursday mornings; food distribution takes place 10:30-11:00 AM.


Membership now stands at 71. The membership drive is finished for 2021*2022


The next drive will be June through August 2022 with a deadline of August 31. 2022.


As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned on a motion by Frank Berger, seconded by Carole Swank.


The next meeting will be September 15, 2021.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole A. Swank, acting secretary