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Meeting Minutes



January 18,2024


Election of Officers

President Frank Berger

Vice President Dave Latorre

Treasurer Carole Swank

Secretary Jodi Berry

Jodi made motion to accept officers as stated, Dave 2nd, accepted by all


Old Business

•November 16th meeting minutes-Meeting minutes reviewed and approved Carole made the motion and Frank 2nd the motion. Accepted by all.

•Financial Report-Carole reviewed transaction. Dave motioned to accept, Jodi 2nd motion. Accepted by all.

•Christmas Tree pick-up- $535.00 in donations. We did miss a few but a big THANK YOU to Meg Yeager for picking them up!

Frank Berger to provide recap and thoughts.

THE CREW….. It was a good Saturday for tree pick up, good weather and a great crew. We picked up a bunch of trees. As noted, we did miss a few but our back up picker Meg came through and got them. Members from the Alliance Church provide help on the chipper for the mulch to be used at the church. A prayer was shared for our number one chipper operator Frosty Peters. Mikal Krepshaw kept everyone’s fingers out of the chipper. Special thanks to all for their time, effort, and equipment. Vought’s Equipment Rental again made it all possible with the use of their chipper, the trucks and people they put out. Bill Griffiths continues to get his grand kids Bill and Matthew to help and they in turn get more help. Jason and his young son Aiden had a ball and the “new” worker at Vought’s (Brendan) learned how much fun it is to ride the back of the trailer holding on to the loading ramps and tossing trees. Knoebel’s Lumber yard again supported with their truck and two hard working folks Rick and Cody that helped get things done a lot faster with their help. Chief Choka provided a safety escort for the crew on Market and Snydertown roads. Frank Berger and trailer with navigator Dave Latorre traversed Sunnyside and Overlook for trees. They even donated one tree to a gentleman for his fishpond along the way. Mr. Joe Stone did the monies count for the pick up $375.00 that morning. Stories were shared over pizza and soda of many a year the cold weather and snow made riding on trailers and picking up trees, NO FUN !!! Thank you to the generous households that attached a donation and or mailed in a donation for the service bringing the total to $535.00. Sadly, there are a lot of not so generous folks in OUR community that still think this service is a FREEbie….

IT IS NOT !!!!!!!

Peace, Frank

•Christmas Decorations-A sincere THANK YOU to Candace and Emily Treshock for a great job!! They responded to over 90 letters. Each letter was individualized to the child and we received positive feedback.

•Membership is now over

•Map Proofing-We need to check Crossroads and Aqua PA, all else looks good

-Frank received a bid of $614.00 for 1000 maps done on blue paper. Jodi motioned to accept this bid, Dave 2nd motion. All accepted. Frank to move forward with ordering.


-received Thank you from Catawissa Food Pantry

-We have typically done donations to the following:

*Elysburg Fire Co-$150

*Ralpho Fire Co-$150

*Ralpho Library-$250

Carole made motion to make the annual donations for these organizations, Jodi 2nd motion. Accepted by all. Frank will deliver checks.

-FBLA 2nd quarter winner-Isaac Carter. He will receive $50

-New donations

*We have donated to AGAPE backpack program $250.00 annually for the past two years. We will add them to our annual donation list.

*Frank to contact EOS Therapeutic and Stonington Sunset Horse to discuss how we help our community that uses their services.

New Business

•File Tax return-Joe Springer will file for RTBA. Also of note, we are now a non-profit again.

*Calendar review-Our 2024 calendar is now posted on our website

*A big THANK YOU to Dave for sending the thank you notes for food pantry donations. Approximately 20 letters were sent.

Committee Reports

•Membership Drive-A big THANK YOU to Chris Davies from M&T Bank. She created one large database that meets all our needs, We are now able to pull member info in any format we desire all from one location.

•Scholarship has been announced to the schools. March 15th is pick up of applications.

*Please let Frank know if you are interested in being on selection committee.

*Scholarship is $1000 again this year, THANK YOU to Adam Bednar matching the RTBA $500.

*Frank to ask Meg to present the scholarship again this year.

•FBLA-Dave to talk to Clarissa about helping with a donation if anyone goes on to Nationals.


Jodi made motion to adjourn, Carole 2nd the motion. Accepted by all. Next meeting 2/15/2024 8am


Respectively Submitted

Jodi Berry


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