Meeting Minutes


February 18, 2021 meeting minutes


The meeting was conducted via ZOOM . And YES we are having fun !!!!


The minutes of the January meeting were approved on a motion by Frank Berger, seconded by Dave Latorre.

The financial report was presented and approved on a motion by Dave Latorre, seconded by Frank Berger.


A brief discussion was held concerning a donation to the Elysburg Food Pantry for Easter on April 4th. This will be finalized at the March meeting.


Donations have been made to the Ralpho and Elysburg Fire Companies in the amount of $150.00 each, also the Ralpho Township Public Library at $250.00 and Boy Scout Troop 247 at $1,000.00 toward the purchase of their new storage trailer. Frank Berger will contact Frank Bebenek to request these donations be listed on our FaceBook page.


Changing the cycle of when the membership drive should be conducted was discussed; either continue with the current cycle beginning January of each year, or changing to a July start for a January to January membership period and fiscal year period. More discussion forthcoming before decision.


This “new” cycle will allow our membership co chairs to do their computer updates and phone calls during the summer months. It will also make the fiscal year alien with the calendar year.


New Business:


Membership letters have been mailed; e-mail may be utilized to contact tardy members, with a second mailing to occur soon as the deadline for membership enrollment is March 31.


Frank Berger reported the Scholarship applicants’ essays are due March 17th. The award this year will be increased to $1,000.00 due to the generous donation of an additional $500 toward the award made by Mr. Adam Bednar. Recognition of same will be announced at time of the presentation. Interviews of the applicants may be conducted using ZOOM technology.


No update regarding FBLA award


As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,


Carole A. Swank, acting secretary


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